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The video swipes to various videos of board members who take turns in speaking their lines unless otherwise indicated.

Hillel Goldberg​, a senior male with a grey beard, moustache and a black yarmulke, a light blue short sleeves dress shirt, is seated. He sits behind a red, white and blue “Uncle Sam” election hat topped with a bright blue yarmulke. On the lower left side of the video screen, his name is spelled out along with two position titles, Member at Large and Nominating Committee Co-Chair. He announces:

“Hi – Do you see the hat and yarmulke in front of me? What’s up? Why do we have this? WSJD was supposed to have had its elections a while ago, but we had to postpone to the end of January 2021 because of COVID-19.

My name is Hillel Goldberg and I am the co-chair of the Nominating Committee. All of the board members will explain about WSJD and the election.”

Liz Katz, ​a senior female with white straight shoulder length hair , black glasses , who is wearing a blue sweater layered over a white turtle neck blouse. She is standing against white wall facing the camera. On the lower left side of the video screen, her name is fully spelled out along with two position titles, Vice President and Co-chair of the Nominating Committee.

“Hello, WSJD has available two positions; first, President and Member at Large. Their terms end January 2021.”

Stephanie Summers, ​who has brown shoulder length curly hair, opaque framed glasses, black short sleeves blouse and a gold watch, is seated in front of the camera. On the lower left side of the video screen, her name is spelled out along with Member at Large title.

“​How? You can self-nominate or nominate others by email.”

Scott Recht, ​a male with brown hair, brown rimmed glasses, black long sleeves button down shirt, is seated in front of the camera. On the lower left side of the video screen, his name is spelled out along with the Treasurer title.

“What are the qualifications? You must live in Maryland, DC or Virginia.”

Marcia Zisman, ​a​ ​senior female with short salt and pepper hair with purple glasses, wearing olive green sweater, is sitting and facing the camera. In the background are light brown kitchen cabinets and a green planter with plants on a shelf. On the lower left side of the video screen, her name is spelled out along with the Secretary title. She adds:

“When is the deadline?”
The video swipes into a banner: “Deadline: January 8, 2021 Hurry!”
The video returns to Marcia.
Marcia Zisman:​ 11:59 PM
The video swipes to another banner with the following language:
“WSJD will send in an electronic ballot on second week of January 2021.”

Susan Cohen,​ a senior female with grey shoulder length curly hair with light curly bangs swept to the right side of her forehead, red half-frameless glasses, blue scoop neck tunic blouse, is standing in front of a yellow wall

facing the camera. On the lower left side of the video screen, her name is spelled out along the President title.​ ​She says:

“Happy Hanukkah! Hanukkah is the season of miracles, light and joy. Do you know that WSJD is also considered to be a miracle? Why? It began 47 years ago and continues to be here today. Wow. Awesome. This is because of your involvement. Without you, there’s no WSJD. We need you to help us continue the miracle. Join us. Come.”

This video scene swipes to the next. A Star of David spins and transitions to Hillel Goldberg’s video.

Hillel Goldberg: ​Wow. What does WSJD do? WSJD offers ASL High Holy Day services, luncheons, and dinners the Deaf Community can gather, enjoy each other, and sign with one another.

Liz Katz: ​WSJD is awesome because we offer educational programs like panel discussions on important topics, museums field trips and resources about Jewish religion and Jewish life.

Stephanie Summers: ​We celebrate Jewish holidays like Passover and Chanukah.

Scott Recht: ​And even Shabbat dinner gatherings!

Marcia Zisman: ​WSJD has a caring committee, the Terry Bittker Caring Committee (CC). The committee supports our community in different ways. The CC has 3 teams. First team is the Bereavement Team which sends condolence cards to families, advises families or close friends how to set up shiva and where to order food trays. The 2nd team is the Resource Team which shares different resources with the community such as mental health counselors, interpreters, and information on life cycle events. The 3rd team is the Transportation and Visit Team which provides support to homebound members who may need rides to doctors or food delivered to their home.

Susan Cohen, ​is standing in front of a metal Chanukah menorah with a Star of David, decorated in colors, on a table in front of her.

“Wow! WSJD does a lot for the Jewish Deaf Community. Amazing! Awesome! We have one more thing to add. WSJD represents Jewish Deaf Community through partnerships – For example: AntiSemitism – we discuss how to solve problems with our partners. We have held programs and written statements to stand against Antisemitism. A synagogue asked how to request interpreters for their programs or services. Another synagogue asked how they can accommodate a deaf child in their religious school program. These are just a few examples of how we can make a difference. You can also make a difference by joining the board. We hope you will consider joining the board. You will find it to be a rewarding experience. Thank you.”

WSJD Logo appears just before a banner streams the following language: “Self Nominate or Nominate someone by January 8 by email​.”
The WSJD Logo appears with the full name spelled out as Washington

Society of Jewish Deaf.

A list of WSJD Board members also scrolls up on the video window against a starry blue background:

Susan Cohen, President
Liz Katz, Vice President and Nominating Committee Co-Chair
Scott Recht, Member at Large
Marcia Zisman, Secretary
Jeffrey Dunefsky, Member at Large
Hillel Goldberg, Member at Large and Nominating Committee Co-Chair Stephanie Summers, Member at Large.