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Visual description: The banner page has WSJD’s logo which swipes to the full name of the organization, Washington Society of Jewish Deaf. The video transitions to Susan Cohen and Hillel Goldberg speaking their lines.

Susan Cohen, a senior female with grey shoulder length curly hair with light curly bangs swept to the right side of her forehead, red half-frameless glasses, navy blue scoop neck tunic blouse, is seated in front of the camera. On the lower part of her screen, her name is spelled out with “Immediate Past President” title.


Susan Cohen: Shalom! We are thinking of you and we look forward to a time when we can be together again.

I am Susan Cohen. As an outgoing President of the Washington Society of Jewish Deaf (WSJD,) I want to thank you for the privilege of serving you for the past three years. This past three years went like a blink of the eye.

I have enjoyed serving as President because of what WSJD means to me. WSJD brings us together to share and celebrate our Jewish heritage, spirituality, and culture through tikkun olam through action and social justice, learning, caring, and the holidays.

WSJD was formed 47 years ago. It continues to be valued by the Jewish Deaf Community in the DMV area.  We give much credit to the founding group, some of whom included Dot and Steve Brenner, who is of blessed memory. This group saw a need for WSJD as an organization for us. 

WSJD is even stronger today because of the commitment of all those who have served on the WSJD board through the years, the volunteers, our members, and our community partners. They have charged and recharged the WSJD’s “energy” to keep it going.

WSJD and the Jewish Deaf Community will always have a place in my heart. I have learned from each of you.

When I first became President, our Board of Directors and I outlined our goals.  Looking back, I am especially proud that we have accomplished many. We have listed these accomplishments under the History of WSJD section of our website. 

I want to thank our nominating committee for their work. We will hear now from Hillel Goldberg for an update.


Visual description: Hillel Goldberg, a senior male with grey beard , moustache, and black yarmulke, a plaid blue short sleeves shirt, is standing in front of the camera. 


Hillel Goldberg: Hello! The reason for this vlog is to let you know the outcome of the WSJD election. Do you remember when I sent out the request for self – nominations or to nominate others. January 31 was the deadline. No one nominated themselves but those who nominated others, we asked. They all declined. WSJD Board discussed and agreed that it was important that WSJD board continue their work without the President and Member at Large. The reason is we want to serve you and your needs. We will keep the nominations open until someone shows interest. 


Susan Cohen: I want to thank the five remaining members of WSJD board for graciously agreeing to help keep WSJD’s engine moving.  We thank outgoing member Jeffrey Dunefsky for serving on the board for many years. 

WSJD is important to all of us. We have developed a transition plan to ensure that WSJD is able to continue the Jewish Deaf the community.  I will remain on the board as Immediate Past President and assist where I am needed in the interim.

I encourage you to consider joining the board or give however much time you can as a volunteer to share your passion for Judaism.  We also warmly welcome the younger Jewish Deaf members of our Community to help keep the WSJD community going strong in the spirit of L’Dor V’dor (from generation to generation).

If you would like to learn more about the board, contact Hillel Goldberg or Liz Katz at this email address here.

Please stay safe, wear masks, social distance, and get vaccinated. We hope we can see you in person soon. Thank you.