Caring Committee

The Washington Society of Jewish Deaf (WSJD)’s Caring Committee (CC) offers support to the community during times of difficulty. We are a group of nonprofessional volunteers who cannot offer counseling (physical or mental health) nor any medical advice but we are here to offer support and may refer members to people who can help.

Contact The Caring Committee

To request support for yourself or your family, inform us of a person or family in need, volunteer to help, or for any other reason, send an email to


Please Note: WSJD does not endorse individual vendors, products, or services. If you contact any of these sites/service providers, we encourage you to ask about the services they have for deaf and hard of hearing people and any communication access they provide, such as interpreters. For facilities, we encourage you to ask about visible smoke alarms, captioned TV in large areas, and/or any other accessibility aids that you may need.

Join the Caring Committee

Volunteers are the heart of the CC. Per volunteer availability, the Caring Committee can provide support in the following ways:

  • Serve as a resource to the WSJD community
    • Provide information about life cycle events which includes shiva customs and traditions, baby namings, bris’, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
    • Locating Jewish social service agencies that provide counseling, senior and family services, eldercare
    • Provide a listing of mental health providers available to serve the WSJD community
  • Let the community know WSJD cares – by sending get-well, sympathy and congratulatory cards
  • Notify WSJD members of the passing of a member of our community – with approval from the family of the deceased – via WSJD email distribution
  • Provide short term assistance with those in need (i.e. offering rides for errands or to doctor appointments)
  • Compile and maintain an up-to-date list of interpreters and CART providers in the region who are available to interpret at life cycle events. The list will be posted on the WSJD website.