Purim Resources

Purim begins Saturday evening, March 15 and ends in the evening on Sunday, March 16. Traditions include megillah readings, carnivals, and mishloach manot. If you are you looking for new Purim recipes, costume ideas, information on history of Purim, customs, rituals, and family activities, try these happy purimresources.

Eat, drink, and be holy: the holiday of Purim (United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism)
Eco-friendly mishloach manot bags for Purim (ReformJudaism.org)
Making Purim allergy-free (Chabad.org)
Purim (ReformJudaism.org)
Quick costume ideas for Purim (ReformJudaism.org)
Traditional hamantashens & other desserts (Chabad.org)

ASL streaming videos on Purim

A Purim ABC ASL Story (Jewish Deaf Multimedia)
Purim – The Story (Jewish Deaf Multimedia)

If you are looking for children’s books, try your local library or the PJ Library.